Petsafe Diagnostics, LLC specializes in veterinary ultrasound imaging, providing mobile ultrasound services to small animal clinics in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and surrounding areas. We are a service organization that provides the general practioner with in-office abdominal and cardiac diagnostic testing. We provide a comprehensive, convenient service to the patient that reduces referrals and increases net operating income for the practice.

We provide complete ultrasound exams that include video clips, color flow imaging and Doppler imaging.  At the completion of the ultrasound exam, all images are sent via telemedicince to board certified radiologists, cardiologists or internal medicine specialists.  Along with these images, radiographs and lab work accompany the ultrasound images to complete the entire case and allow for a comprehensive diagnostic study.  With a specialist interpretation, you will receive a verbal consult from the cardiologist or the internist along with a written report within 24 hours of the exam. This report includes differentials and treatment recommendations.

Ultrasound exams can be used to diagnose a large variety of disorders including:

  • Cancers in the abdominal cavity and other soft tissue organs
  • Determine the extent or spread of disease
  • Evaluate the urinary tract for cause of blood in the urine (stones, inflammation or neoplasia)
  • Determine the cause for abdominal pain
  • Determine the cause for intestinal disorders (vomiting/ diarrhea)
  • Determine the origin and cause for abdominal masses
  • Examine vessels for anomalies or other vascular abnormalities

Jack Johnston, founder and owner of PetSafe Diagnostics, created this company with a passion for helping animals.  PetSafe Diagnostics continues his legacy with extremely talented, compassionate and dedicated imaging professionals who share his vision.  All of PetSafe Diagnostics sonographers are accredited by the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers, the premier national licensing agency for sonography and have undergone thorough and comprehensive training in veterinary imaging.